Ele is back…



Ele is back to attack!


Jordin Sparks Rocked The Cazmo Beach!!

Hey Cazmos! The Jordin sparks concert was AWESOME! She sang maybe four songs. If u hadnt had a chance to see her, heres pix Kokee had taken!

Hope u like ’em!


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Here are todays updates. This week is special cuz TWO updates in one week!

And be sure to come to todays concert!


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Wendsday Updates and Lloyd Quest Walkthrough.

Yo Cazmos. Again the updates are on wednesday. The soulja boy ticket is here:

22-7-2009 Updates

And as uve seen those member gifts are given to cazmos who have bought membership(i didnt get waa). They look pretty cool and when the pets sneak peak was out the most pet i liked was tht red kau kau and now i dont think ill have  it waa lol. Heres a pic of it:

KauKau Bear

Also theres tht new jetpack also for who bught membership!


Ok heres the quest walkthrough:

Start by talking to mama caz then ask her to go to the zibs. Talk with him and start finding the things. The things are so hard to press on . Dunno y lol

heres the items:

Lloyd Quest Items

Aftre u get all the items go and talk with Mamma caz and go to the zibs again and ull find Llloyd there. The zibs will tell u to go and find three purple bushes that lloyd has teleported about!

Lloyd Quest Bushes

After That go to mama caz back and ask her to take u to the zibs. There give them the bushes.And see what happens!


And check this funny post hehe : http://cazmosgang.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/kokeetos-children-hehehe-jk

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Soulja Boy on Planet Cazmo!! Spread it!

Hey Cazmos! Soulja boy is comin on Planet Cazmo. Heres the Invitation card I made. Plz spread it on ur awesome sites! And let ur friends know abt it!


Spread the World

Best Regards, Kokeeto!

Cazmosgang Fashion SHow ROCKED!